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== Scan by device name ==
Some devices do not advertise Service UUIDs. E.g. the TI Sensor Tag 
supports many services, but advertises none. For this type of device 
to be discovered in the current specification the user agent would 
need to connect to the device and run a Service Discovery Procedure.

However, if requestDevice's options in BluetoothScanFilter include a 
name field then many of these devices would be discoverable and could 
be listed in the chooser UI. The list of Service UUIDs would still 
need to be provided and used to restrict access.

An open question: Should a device matching a name be displayed in the 
chooser UI only after running the Service Discovery Procedure and 
verifying that the devices supports the BluetoothScanFilter.services? 
This would allow websites to cause devices to be aware of scanning, 
and would consume more power. Or, should the device be listed and 
selectable by name match only? This may result in user frustration if 
a device name matches but upon connection fails to support the 
required services.

See https://github.com/WebBluetoothCG/web-bluetooth/issues/135

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