Re: [web-bluetooth] Say what to do when the system has no Bluetooth adapter or it's off.

Do we want websites to be able to change their UI to avoid teasing 
users with a Bluetooth option they can't use? If so, we should have a 
way other than `requestDevice()` to learn that there's no adapter. (We
 should check with the privacy team before deciding that they'll tell 
us to hide this; we expose 
[WEBGL_debug_renderer_info](, for example.) 
Using `requestDevice()` seems fine to discover that the adapter's just

If we don't care about that UI, then having `requestDevice()` express 
everything makes sense.

Either way, we need to pick the error name to use. I've been avoiding 
adding new DOMException types to 
 but we can do it if we want. I'll check with

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