Re: [web-bluetooth] Map to remove listing units
 endorses both ALL_CAPS attributes for constants and consistency with 
an [external 
 (that itself uses ALL_CAPS), rather than a mapping function. Other 
than that, I don't see a [device capability 
API]( that needs to interoperate with 
externally-defined constants, especially the unreadable UUID constants
 that Bluetooth uses.

Nonetheless, for this API, just about every web platform expert I've 
talked to has preferred a mapping function on some `BluetoothXyz` 
interface, so it doesn't seem worthwhile to try to argue for anything 

For `requestDevice`, the most similar proposal is 
 but several others use `navigator.Xyz()` 
 so @esprehn's advice to keep what we have seems fine. 

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Received on Thursday, 30 April 2015 18:02:03 UTC