[web-bluetooth] Pull Request: Switch to ReSpec's contiguous IDL mode.

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== Switch to ReSpec's contiguous IDL mode. ==
I still have a list of cleanups to apply, either in this PR or in 
subsequent ones, but I'll let you folks start commenting on this big 
refactoring while I'm doing them.

* GATTCharacteristic.readValue() should queue a task to change 
* writeValue needs a definition.
* Descriptor.readValue and writeValue need definitions.
* BluetoothInteraction needs promise-based methods, a store the UA 
looks up the IDs in, and a description of what happens when the ID 
isn't present.
* Say something about how 
`ieee_11073-20601_regulatory_certification_data_list` is mapped to an 
attribute name.
* Redo resolvable private address links.
* Fix MUST in attribute descriptions.
* Fix Contiguous IDL mode to link the UUID typedef.

See https://github.com/WebBluetoothCG/web-bluetooth/pull/102

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