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== TPAC 2022 planning ==
After two years of virtual TPACs, the W3C team are looking at organizing a hybrid edition; physical meetings with strong support for remote participants. The physical meetings would be held in Vancouver from 12 to 16 September 2022.

Groups are being asked to gauge the level of interest and feasibility for an in-person meeting.

If we were to plan a hybrid MEIG meeting, would you want (or be able to) join in person in Vancouver? Please indicate your preference based on what you know today. We know things may change.

* :+1: if you plan to join in person
* :-1: if you can only join a virtual meeting
*  :confused: if you don't know at this stage

Please also comment to share any other feedback you may have. We'll share feedback with the W3C team later this month, so please reply before Friday 25 March.

(Thank you to those who replied to my previous email.)

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