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== Interest in Miniapps ==
MiniApps have some interesting parallels with app development on smart TVs, set-top boxes and other embedded devices. As part of TPAC 2021 plans (#71), it could be worth considering a joint call with the Mini Apps [CG](https://www.w3.org/community/miniapps/)

Some things to discuss:

Shared Framework Code: Set top boxes are limited by performance and typically use the same JS libraries (especially if developed by the same company). Being able to create a runtime library that is shared by multiple browser pages could reduce overall memory usage. For instance, we could create a bundle React + libs, give it a name, and then share that same bundle with another window.

Native UI Components: The ability for browser to include a framework for UI components that could be used by apps could reduce development time and increase performance. Something like being able to define Web Components that are embedded in the browser (maybe even native code / web assembly) that are available for all windows without needing to be loaded. 

Anything else?

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