Re: [me-vision] "Scope" is not just about "Entertainment". (#5)

Hi @tidoust  and all.

I'm glad to see that concept of *media experience* is broadened with respect to both purpose (e.g. entertainment) and media type (e.g. video).

If you want to keep using the label *continuous* I think ideally the label should refer to the *timeline* of the experience, not the particular media type that is used. In short, if you can navigate a timeline in some way  (e.g. *play* or *pause* or *jumpTo*) you have a *media experience*. By this definition a media experience can be made from both *continuous* and *non-continuous* media, or better yet, a mix of various types.

At my research institute (NORCE) we use the Web as a platform for such media experiences where we mix all kinds of data relevant for a given event (sensor input, gps tracks, audio tracks, video tracks, images, maps, comments, ++) and have it all visualized as playback along a common timeline. We also render them on multiple devices simultaneously, using suitable rendering technologies for different data types and devices. Of course, the purpose in our case is not primarily entertainment (though it is great fun). 

It seems to me that at a very basic level *media experiences* are about recording events, and playing back some representation of those events (in a time-sensitive fashion, immediately or time-shifted). The Web platform now opens up for distributed recording of anything, and distributed playback from online streams and data sources, using a rich selection of suitable graphical tools. Think about that for a moment. Monitoring distributed phenomena that unfold in geography and time, and rendering any number of stories from this captured dataset (live or time-shifted), using all the rendering capabilities of the Web platform. There are just so many applications outside entertainment it hurts to even think about it.

In my view, these kinds of *media experiences* are where the Web can show its full potential as the ultimate multimedia platform. Hopefully the Media and Entertainment IG can be a force pushing in this direction.

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