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== Reasons of device fragmentation ==
I agree on the trend of reducing the device fragmentation. However, I must disagree on the following the sentence.  It is not because of low-margin but software does not realize a main function and feature  of CE devices. It is changing.

_CE devices are often low-margin products whose software or firmware is rarely updated. Device manufacturers need to minimize the costs of porting Web browser codebases to their devices, and may typically restrict updates to the firmware once a product has shipped to security fixes._

I think of the other reasons.
- No need to update because CE devices have a propensity to offer same use experience and features because of mass media, e.g. broadcasting, DVD. (same as  content providers).
- Even if update is necessary for bug-fix. most used to be disconnected from network.
- High cost to test many types of hardware platforms due to wide product ranges.

About the reason of fragmentation, I think of the as follows.  This is also changing by the Internet, so we were in W3C.
- regional fragmentation of standards, e.g. broadcasting and cable.

I have no idea to rephrase the section 5.1 Reduce device fragmentation, but I agree on the trend. Anyone wants and tries to reduce the device fragmentation.

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