Use of WebRTC for media content distribution

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For your info, I raised an issue in the group's GitHub repository around the use of WebRTC for media content distribution, with the following text:

At the recent Media Web Symposium organized by Fraunhofer FOKUS, there was a demo of using WebRTC delivery for live streaming [1] to reach sub-second latency. Use cases are around live streaming and include:

- the usual "Goal!" issue where your neighbors or social networks react to a goal before you see it
- live bets and live interactions during sport events.

The use of WebRTC to distribute media content looks like an interesting area to explore. I wonder: does that bring additional requirements on WebRTC?

For info, the WebRTC Working Group (whose new charter is currently under AC review) will soon have a face-to-face meeting focused on the next version of WebRTC [2]. Media & Entertainment IG participants might be interested to look into the Use cases / requirements for raw data access functions thread as well.

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