Media Synchronization on the Web

Dear IG members

We've recently announced a new publication from the Multi-device Timing CG
[1], and Chris Needham invited me to share it with the IG as well. I know
you all care about the future of the Web as a platform for timed media, so
I think this publication should be of interest to you.

A new handbook <> on media
synchronization has just recently been published on Springer. Njål T.
Borch, Francois Daoust and myself were asked to contribute a chapter based
on our research in this domain.

Media Synchronization on the Web

The chapter explains how to do media synchronization on the Web, and how
media synchronization done correctly is the key enabler for a new and
highly attractive media model for multi-device, timed Web media.

I also think this chapter is the most comprehensive introduction to the
ideas and proposals put forward through the Multi-device Timing CG at this

The author version of this chapter is available here
Please cite original chapter published by Springer. You may also request
the Springer version of the chapter by emailing authors directly or
requesting access through ResearchGate

Best regards, Ingar Arntzen, Norut


Received on Monday, 7 May 2018 20:11:49 UTC