Support the new charter for the Second Screen Working Group

Hello Media & Entertainment people,

The charter of the Second Screen Working Group, whose work was presented to the Media & Entertainment IG back in October [1], is about to expire. A new charter is being proposed that would allow the group to continue its work on the Presentation API and Remote Playback API, that enable a variety of second screen use cases, while progress is being made in parallel on an Open Screen Protocol in the Second Screen Community Group.

The Working Group needs to gather enough support from interested W3C members to re-charter. If you're interested and haven't yet said so, your help would be most appreciated!

Please get in touch with Advisory Committee Representative and fill out the call for review:

The call for review closes tomorrow night. It may be extended by a week if needed.

W3C team contact for the Second Screen Working Group


Received on Thursday, 4 January 2018 10:58:34 UTC