Server Push and IP multicast HTTP over QUIC

Hi all,

BBC R&D has published a White Paper [1] that discusses scalable delivery of media, using web technologies, in particular combining Server Push with a multicast profile of HTTP over QUIC (multicast HTTP/QUIC). The goals of this are scalability, applicability to web-based clients, reduced operational costs, and commonality and seamless transition between unicast and multicast delivery modes.

To make Server Push more usable by web applications, some kind of API is needed but there is a missing link. We think that a Server Push API for browsers would help other use cases too, whether unicast or multicast. Our White Paper reviews industry/academic results, surveys Web Platform technologies similar to Server Push, and summarises related Internet discussion threads..

It also describes a proof-of-concept that we have been working on, a browser-based client for multicast HTTP/QUIC that demonstrates playback of MPEG-DASH from a multicast source in real time (on our lab network and at the IETF 101 Hackathon) proving feasibility.

We'd like to investigate how to bring a Server Push API and multicast reception to web browsers, and would like to talk with other IG members who may be interested in this technology. Please get in touch, either via this list, or directly to Lucas and myself if you prefer.
We will be presenting this during the upcoming Web5G Workshop in London on May 10/11 [2].

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Lucas and Chris


Received on Friday, 27 April 2018 11:25:36 UTC