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Hi Francois, all,

Some comments inline below:

> From: Francois Daoust []
> Sent: 28 September 2017 10:22
> To:
> Subject: Overview of Media Technologies for the Web
> Dear Media and Entertainment Interest Group,
> I have been working on an "Overview of Media Technologies for the Web"
> document that lists Web technologies that can be used to build media
> applications and services, and highlights known gaps:
> [...]
> This overview should not be considered as anything else than work in progress
> right now. Some technologies are probably missing, descriptions should be
> improved. I wanted to share this document with you for two reasons:
> 1. to invite feedback on the document (look and feel, usefulness, structure,
> content, etc.).
> 2. to check whether the Media and Entertainment Interest Group would be
> interested to adopt this document as working document.

This looks like a very useful resource. I'd be more than happy to review, and help with keeping it up to date.

I would also like to invite and encourage Interest Group members to contribute feedback.

> In particular, the current charter of the Interest Group says that the group
> will "maintain a public list of the media features on the Web that it is
> tracking and investigating. These features will include identified gaps,
> stable features deployed in browser implementations, as well as features
> under development in W3C and external groups":
> I'm wondering whether the Overview document could provide a good basis for
> that list, and a good working document to structure discussions within the
> group.

The website seems to serve that purpose well, so yes I think it could. One question, both for you, and also to IG members: would this be an appropriate place for us to capture new requirements, e.g., coming out of any new gap analysis work, where we would usually have used the IG wiki [1]?

> If people are interested, I'll be happy to present that document during one
> of the IG calls as well as during the group's F2F during TPAC.

We're currently planning the TPAC agenda so it would be good to include an item on this. A future IG call is certainly possible too.

> This document is intended to be lightweight to maintain and complete over
> time. It is part of a series of roadmap-like documents, developed with a
> common framework. The framework takes care of adding implementation data for
> each feature/technology listed in the document, and of providing means for
> users to navigate between pages. The framework is still very sketchy for the
> time being, but will be maintained and improved by W3C team over time.
> You'll find more information about the ins and outs of such documents in:
> Feel free to raise comments on the associated issue tracker:
> (replies to this email are of course welcome as well)
> Thanks,
> Francois.

Many thanks,

Chris (Co-chair, Media and Entertainment Interest Group)


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