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07 Sep 2017


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          Kaz_Ashimura, Mark_Vickers, Bob_Lund, Chris_Needham,
          Chris_O'Breien, Colin_Meerveld, Francois_Daoust,
          Giri_Mandiam, Glenn_Goldstein, Hyojin_Song,
          Tatsuya_Igarashi, John_Luther, Kazuhiro_Hoya,
          Peter_Pogrzeba, Alex_Deacon, Tatsuya.Igarashi,
          Guen-Hyung_Kim, Kasar_Masood

          Mark, Chris, Igarashi



     * [4]Topics
         1. [5]Welcome
         2. [6]TPAC agenda
         3. [7]EME vote
     * [8]Summary of Action Items
     * [9]Summary of Resolutions


   mark: welcome
   ... showing the charter
   ... we hold monthly calls
   ... and possible some more TF calls
   ... basic idea is summary of various W3C groups
   ... and invited guests
   ... introducing the whole things
   ... also deep dive as well
   ... shows agenda:


     [10] https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/member-web-and-tv/2017Aug/0003.html

   mark: quick introduction, TPAC agenda, summary of work

   [11]Media and Entertainment IG Charter

     [11] https://www.w3.org/2017/03/webtv-charter.html

   mark: 3 Charters and 2 W3C contacts
   ... Tatsuya Igarashi (Sony), Chris Needham (BBC), Mark Vickers
   ... started as one of the original Chairs in 2011
   ... let me introduce the other co-Chairs
   ... Chris and Igarashi

   chris: r&d devision of BBC
   ... research and development related to web technology
   ... various people in the organization for different
   ... standardization work and application development
   ... my focus is web technology and web standards

   mark: tx
   ... Igarashi-san?

   igarashi: work for Sony
   ... TV equipment
   ... also have services
   ... OTT services
   ... Sony music, etc.
   ... main role is standardization
   ... also work on smart home
   ... IPTV and broadcast
   ... media and entertainment aspect within W3C

   mark: the Chairs represent, US, UK and Asia
   ... media is regional
   ... and regional standards
   ... but becoming more and more global
   ... so need for contact persons for regional industry
   ... also would introduce team contacts
   ... Kaz Ashimura

   kaz: working on TV since 2011
   ... these days work for WoT as well

   mark: also would introduce Francois Daoust

   francois: Media&Entertainment champion
   ... media-related groups
   ... including the M&E IG
   ... extract priorities from W3C Membership
   ... not really the Staff Contact but will be around and
   contribute to the discussion

   mark: one of the issue is
   ... formerly we were "Web&TV IG"
   ... now we're "Media&Entertainment IG"

   [12]https://www.w3.org/2017/03/webtv-charter.html Charter

     [12] https://www.w3.org/2017/03/webtv-charter.html

   mark: the focus is media on the Web
   ... not necessarily TV
   ... so broaden the scope
   ... as you see here in the Charter
   ... (shows the section "1. Scope")
   ... video, audio, radio, streaming media
   ... any questions about the new name/charter?
   ... still same mission and somewhat broaden

   chris: regarding the scope
   ... the scope includes entire production chain
   ... not just distribution, etc.
   ... there is a need we should discuss the entire production
   ... we used to have the GGIE TF
   ... bringing use cases slightly broader
   ... would reflect that as well

   mark: that's good/key point of the name change
   ... capture with camera, distribution and consumption on screen
   ... that's also key part of the new name
   ... any other business to be added to the agenda?


TPAC agenda

   mark: anybody can attend

   [13]https://www.w3.org/2017/11/TPAC/ TPAC page

     [13] https://www.w3.org/2017/11/TPAC/

   mark: if you've not got registered...
   ... it's Burlingame closed to San Fransisco
   ... 6-10 Nov.
   ... we'll meet on Monday
   ... TPAC goes through Mon to Fri

   [14]https://www.w3.org/2017/11/TPAC/schedule.html TPAC schedule

     [14] https://www.w3.org/2017/11/TPAC/schedule.html

   mark: last year, what we had was...
   ... (shows the agenda for the TPAC in Lisbon)
   ... HTML Media Extensions WG - EME/MSE
   ... joint meetings with Timed Text WG, TV Control WG
   ... and Cloud Browser TF meeting
   ... so
   ... joint meetings with certain groups
   ... TF report
   ... Cloud Browser TF
   ... anybody from the TF?

   colin: I'm here

   mark: joint meetings with Timed Text and Second Screen
   ... and work around the world
   ... HbbTV from Europe, ATSC from US, NGBF from Korea and IPTVF
   from Japan
   ... also Web Media API CG
   ... coordinating with technical standardization groups
   ... other WGs/CGs should be included

   glenn: HTML streaming group?
   ... streaming graphics much like Timed Text
   ... potential for the future TV

   mark: interesting
   ... we may pick up that kind of related work
   ... recent report?

   glenn: SVG streaming group is kind of dormant

   <tidoust> [I'm not aware of on-going work on streaming graphics
   right now. The SVG streaming CG is indeed dormant, as far as I

   mark: strong relationship with CGs/BGs
   ... any possible joint meetings?

   chris: TV Control discussion hosted by IG?

   mark: ok
   ... Web Media API CG is another possibility
   ... joint meeting with the IG or sometime different
   ... any feedback from working group, etc?

   kaz: joint meeting with WoT would make sense

   mark: right
   ... smart device in home, TV, STB, etc.
   ... many of them have streaming media, video/audio, capability
   ... Amazon Alexa, etc.
   ... 2-way audio streaming media
   ... smart device as the hub
   ... so huge overwrap
   ... let's have a joint meeting

   kasar: talked about participating in W3C groups
   ... liaison from W3C?
   ... advertising standards

   mark: a lot of work we done
   ... EME/MSE work started withing the Web&TV IG
   ... not sure any work on advertisement

   francois: IAB is a W3C Member
   ... active on tracking protection

   kasar: there is IAB Lab as well

   francois: nothing official or concrete so far
   ... IG input is more than welcome
   ... not sure if we can set up a meeting with them at TPAC

   mark: let's talk about this offline
   ... should we go through the related groups?
   ... summary of current work
   ... or TV Control?

   chris: you can see the list in the agenda


     [15] https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/member-web-and-tv/2017Aug/0003.html

TV Control API next steps

   chris: this call as getting update
   ... if you look at the Web Incubator CG
   ... there are a number of specs
   ... would talk about the TV Control topic today
   ... we can revisit other groups for the next call

   mark: good idea
   ... will you share your screen on webex?

   <cpn> [16]https://www.w3.org/2016/03/tvcontrol.html

     [16] https://www.w3.org/2016/03/tvcontrol.html

   chris: will put resources here on IRC

   mark: can open the links via IRC

   chris: TV Control WG charter
   ... need for APIs
   ... gaps are identified
   ... to handle video/audio stream
   ... originally the CG had discussion
   ... Mozilla's work became the basis
   ... in 2016, started work for standards
   ... (shows the scope)


     [17] https://www.w3.org/2016/03/tvcontrol.html#scope

   chris: conditional access as well
   ... broad enough to cover various environment
   ... closer integration of broadcasting and HTML5 environment
   ... how we could provide audio/video stream
   ... in the browser in order to display the media
   ... and select different channels
   ... resource constraint
   ... limited number of pipelines
   ... how can we allow applications to present media
   ... and allow some element to allow automatic decoding on
   devices with limited capability
   ... initial conversation about possible integration in ATSC 3
   ... the feedback we gate later is the APIs require extra
   ... at the end of the charter period
   ... the conclusion was not continuing the work in the WG
   ... but having some more discussion in this IG
   ... there are number of APIs that exist for the purposes
   ... do we still want W3C to standardize the API?
   ... TAG's suggested approach more TV as a device controlled on
   ... applications on TVs
   ... selecting content vs streams bound to broadcast
   ... should those applications be allowed?
   ... is this something we still feel useful to do at W3C?
   ... OK with different APIs for different devices by different
   ... should be tightly coupled with use cases?
   ... would like to hear your views/questions

   mark: a couple of comments
   ... 1. TAG talking about device for home network?
   ... involved in discussion at ATSC
   ... tuners on network
   ... they would use web-based device

   giri: that's correct

   mark: we could have discussion during TPAC
   ... on the other hand, their is a naming problem
   ... how broadcast channels/TV channels would fit with the Web
   ... different channel systems depending on regions
   ... maybe URL, etc., as universal resource

   giri: ATSC's response on TV Control API
   ... some attempt for TV-triggered application
   ... API work may be rigid
   ... consistency with the existing DRM systems

   igarashi: had been working on the TV Control WG
   ... one of the challenges was timeline
   ... misalignment between the broadcasters' expectation and the
   WG process
   ... so failed
   ... dedicated TV, radio, car audio, etc.
   ... those kind of devices that have embedded tuner capability
   ... should generate W3C standard to be used by broadcasters

   kaz: do you mean we need to involve more stakeholders from
   those industries?

   igarashi: yes

   giri: agree regarding car environment

   igarashi: the main purpose of the TV Control API is handling
   embedded tuners

   chris: we have interest in multicast delivery, etc., as well
   ... live media streaming
   ... for the possible future direction
   ... TV Control API provides high-level abstraction

   igarashi: ok
   ... "tuner" here could be any kind of "device with tuning

   chris: btw, alignment of timeline is an interesting point
   ... how early should we attempt to bring the discussion to W3C?
   ... work within ATSC and HbbTV, for example

   mark: we have 2 missions
   ... within this IG
   ... facing out and facing in
   ... active liaison with related groups which increase the
   ... understand their standards are and communicate with them
   ... and looking-in is looking at related W3C standards
   ... have been working with ATSC, etc.

   giri: TV Control API was targeted to wrong direction from the
   market's requirements
   ... more or less solved by the market place

   mark: would have ATSC more inline with the HTML5 standard

   igarashi: ok to continue the discussion on TV Control API in
   this IG
   ... we need to narrow down the scope
   ... what the target area is
   ... remember there was discussion on TV Control API during TPAC
   ... by whome applications are provided?
   ... we should think about those provided by Web developers
   ... btw, what kind of use cases we have discussed, e.g., during
   TPAC 2016?
   ... categorization of the use cases
   ... the APIs should be used by Web applications

   chris: which Web apps are allowed to contact the device?
   ... relationship between the Web domain and the broadcast
   ... possible next step
   ... current state of TV industry standards
   ... any more points for today?


EME vote

   mark: vote available until next week (Sep. 14)
   ... we'll meet in month for the next call?

   chris: got comments from some of the Timed Text WG participants
   ... overlap with their call

   kaz: should we try another doodle?

   mark: maybe two (or small number of) choices, this slot vs

   [ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

   [End of minutes]

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