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11 Oct 2017

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          Alexandra, Colin, Chris, Kaz, Ali




     * [3]Topics
         1. [4]welcome Ali
         2. [5]current status and next steps
         3. [6]AOB
         4. [7]TPAC logistics
         5. [8]call time
     * [9]Summary of Action Items
     * [10]Summary of Resolutions

welcome Ali

   ali: from comcast working on media things
   ... teaching at university as well
   ... looking forward to working with you

   alex: from DT
   ... looking into Cloud Browser technology

   chris: form Accessible Media
   ... focus on accessibility

   colin: from ActiveVideo

   kaz: from W3C Team
   ... based in Japan

   ali: in Turkey

   alex: in Berlin

current status and next steps

   alex: document updated by Colin

   colin: still updating

   alex: working on impact use cases
   ... waiting for responses related companies
   ... got feedback on MSE/EME
   ... currently working on that
   ... good contact point on MSE/EME
   ... any open issues?

   colin: don't think so
   ... document updated
   ... any questions?

   <colin> [11]https://btotr.github.io/cloud-browser-tf/

     [11] https://btotr.github.io/cloud-browser-tf/

   alex: we can look at the document

   kaz: Colin, do you want to go through the document?

   alex: maybe we can ask the main IG for comments?

   colin: use cases, accessibility requirements to be added before

   alex: MSE/EME considerations also to be added
   ... also need broadcast use cases
   ... should I put that as part of the impact use cases?

   colin: tuner capability?

   alex: there is an issue with working locally

   colin: make sense to add to the document

   alex: part of the impact cases

   colin: will update the document and we can discuss it

   alex: looking for something
   ... list of related groups
   ... how Cloud Browser would impact those groups

   colin: use cases we showed as impact cases
   ... would be beneficial
   ... maybe a separate section on that


     [12] https://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/Main_Page/Cloud_Browser_TF/Specs/TVControlAPI

   alex: would identify which work is already done

   colin: that should be useful

   kaz: please note the TV Control WG itself has been closed

   colin: right
   ... but the content is still useful

   alex: had an action item to review accessibility use cases

   chris: have some high level topics on accessibility
   ... captioning, interoperability, sign language, etc.
   ... would like feed back on how deeper to dive into


     [13] https://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/Media_capabilities

   chris: how we should proceed?
   ... certain things Cloud Browser should support


     [14] https://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/Main_Page/Cloud_Browser_TF/UseCases


     [15] https://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/Main_Page/Cloud_Browser_TF/UseCases#Accessibility_Use_Cases

   chris: let's say you're watching TV with your family
   ... some people might not be enjoyable

   colin: not Cloud Browser-specific
   ... we can have a PC/TV on which a browser works
   ... doesn't matter if the browser is (usual) local browser or
   cloud browser

   alex: we used to have second screen use case
   ... that was not really Cloud Browser-specific
   ... and we had removed it (from our scope)

   colin: we thought second screen could have been part of Cloud
   Browser discussion
   ... what about accessibility?
   ... second screen could help
   ... accessibility problems
   ... so this kind of use cases are useful

   chris: yes
   ... what if someone with disability watches TV
   ... might have difficulty
   ... we can provide control via second screen

   colin: yes
   ... that's why we need some solution
   ... second screen could be a simple solution for that

   chris: second screen interact/orchestrate with TV

   colin: second screen can interact with orchestration

   chris: that is important for me to make the system accessible
   ... touch point for accessibility

   colin: we didn't include that point in the Cloud Browser

   chris: there are many parallel discussions by related groups
   according to the main M&E IG call
   ... user device becomes a controller for TV
   ... could be a use case for accessibility

   colin: agree

   chris: ok
   ... so what do you want for me?

   colin: use case for accessing streaming data

   chris: can put the idea together


   colin: white paper on Cloud Browser
   ... tried to explain Cloud Browser from application aspect
   ... what should we do in case of EME
   ... responsibility of client side or clide side?
   ... concept of device
   ... not clear enough

   alex: should we go into the detail?

   colin: looking into a proposal
   ... a white paper
   ... needed to explain the concept of Cloud Browser

   alex: useful exercise
   ... browser framework is very client-centric
   ... single IP address requirement

   colin: what we don't expect in our draft
   ... we need to explain more

   alex: do you propose we update the architecture draft?

   colin: could add description to the draft

   alex: ok

TPAC logistics

   kaz: the IG Chairs want us to give summary of our work

   alex: would like Colin to do that

   Joint meetings with related groups

   Timed Text WG - Chris

   Second Screen WG - Chris

   Web of Things WG/IG - Kaz

   Automotive WG/BG - Kaz

   Web Media API CG - Mark

   SVG Streaming CG - Kaz

   Web Platform Incubator CG (WICG) - Mark

   Color on the Web CG - Kaz

   Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) WG - Kaz

   Audio WG - Chris

   kaz: also we can have joint discussion with the above related

   colin: we had discussion with WoT in Lisbon

   kaz: they published FPWDs on their architecture and data format
   ... maybe would make sense to think about how to connect Cloud
   Browser with the WoT framework
   ... will work with both the M&E Chairs and the WoT Chairs

call time

   (background) Chris can't make the call at the original time
   (=10am US Eastern), so we changed the time to 9am US Eastern.
   However, Kaz recently got another call and can't make it at 9am
   US Eastern from next week though he can join this call today on
   Oct. 11.

   alex: will send an updated calendar invite to you for the next
   ... if everybody can accept it, we can make it


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

   [End of minutes]

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