RE: Potential Topics for the IG meeting at TPAC

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> From: Yosuke Funahashi []
> Hi Louay and Francois,
> Thanks a lot for volunteering the report!
> While tweaking the draft agenda, I think I can squeeze some more time so that
> it seemingly possible for the agenda to have an additional 20-30 min dedicated
> time slot for the Mulit-Device Timing CG work.
> Would you prefer the briefer one (5min+5min) this time or be happy with a
> longer
> one (20-30 min)?

Great! I would be happy with 15-20 minutes for the Multi-Device Timing CG report. No need to reserve 30 minutes in particular.

I do not anticipate discussions on the technical details of the proposal, other than to point out the directions considered. For those interested in going into more details, I proposed a breakout session on cross-device synchronization during the Technical Plenary day on Wednesday:


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