Re: Potential Topics for the IG meeting at TPAC

Hi Yosuke, all,

On 2015-09-07 11:46, Yosuke Funahashi wrote:
> Hi IG members,
> Regarding the IG f2f meeting during the TPAC 2015 at Sapporo [1], I think it's time for us to start building the meeting agenda. Please feel free to suggest potential topics for the meeting on this mailing list and/or add your ideas directly into the wiki. [2]

I see that the draft agenda contains a short session to get an update from the Multi-Device Timing Community Group. That's great! Ingar, CG chair, will not be at TPAC but I would be happy to report on the progress made so far on the Timing Object specification [timing] and discuss possible next steps with Web and TV IG participants. 5mn is fine. If time allows, 10mn would be perfect.

I may also be the one reporting on progress within the Second Screen Working Group, unless someone else from the group is willing and available to do that (I'll ask). 5mn should be good for a quick update. Please note that the Second Screen Working Group will meet at TPAC on Thursday and Friday.



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