RE: Action Items from Sapporo f2f Meeting now on Github


Thank you very much for clarifying the background. It make sense from CG-WG transition viewpoint.

Thank you very much

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Hi Bin,

Thanks a lot for reminding us of the invitation.

I’ll close the action item and create a succeeding action item like gathering feedback about the spec.

Let me explain the background. The purpose of the action item is to (re-)start gathering specific ideas or advices to improve the TV Control API spec from the CG-WG transition viewpoint. When we talked about moving the spec into the rec track, some attendees expressed that they might be able to provide ideas or advices to make the spec better fit to Open Web Platform. The people who have specific technical ideas were encouraged to join the CG, while, at the same time, we confirmed that giving advices and holding architectural discussion about the spec in the IG were okay (it won’t hurt IG’s no-spec-talk-and-no-need-to-check-patent nature) and start gathering such ideas also in the IG space.


On November 8, 2015 at 10:10:55 AM, HU, BIN (<>) wrote:

Thank you for the notes.

Regarding action item “email IG inviting review of TV Control API. #2”, actually IG was already invited to review TV Control API on September 29, 2015. See email archive of “public-web-and-tv” [1].

Thank you


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Subject: Action Items from Sapporo f2f Meeting now on Github

Hi IG participants,

Regarding the Wrap-up & Next steps [1] we’ve discussed at the Sapporo f2f meeting, I’ve put the action items on the TV IG Github page [2]. Please take a look at it and feel free to make comments on the Github site or here on the ML.

FYI, the co-Chairs have decided to start using the Github issue tracker to track IG action items rather than using the W3C issue tracker. This is because a significant number of W3C groups, including Web Platform WG (aka Web Apps WG,) have already migrated to the Github issue tracker to streamline their standardisation workflows more.

If you are not familiar with Github and the Github integration to the W3C workflow, please take a look at an introduction page. [3]

I’m planning to introduce the github-notify-ml service [4] to send Github notifications to the public ML automatically.






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