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[3dweb] Trying out 3dweb specification

From: <amitkale@tvereo.com>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2015 01:13:49 -0700
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To: public-web-and-tv@w3.org

We were looking for a way to try out the 3dweb draft. Looks like there
is no open-source browser project that enables people to try it out. If
there is any, do let us know; we'll appreciate it.

Since we didn't find an open-source browser project, we were planning to
create a work-around - a website which shadows other (3dweb enabled)
websites. The basic idea is to parse html from other websites and make
changes where 3dweb elements are present and convert them into a format
that non-3dweb browsers understand. This will enable rapid-prototyping
of 3dweb elements and also showcase how much value 3dweb elements can
add to an otherwise 2d website.

An example is the "stereo-content" property in a website

<!doctype html>
html content here
html content here

Present 3d smarttv browsers do support 3dvideos. So a simple approach is
to convert this image into a video with a single frame. 

so a website, something like
http://browse3dweb.com?url=http://foobar.com/page.html emits

<!doctype html>
html content unchanged.
<video width=300" height=100" autoplay>
<source src="tempvideo.php?323827" type="video/mp4">
html content unchanged.

Issues -
1. One practical difficulty we found is that smarttvs don't recognize
single frame videos, although most pc browsers do. So to work around
that, a video of 24 identical frames @24fps can be built.

2. Images with links won't work since putting videos inside <a href>
</a> doesn't seem to work the way images work.

3. Only one 3d video seems to be possible in a page. Putting multiple
videos in a website confuses a 3dtv browser and none of them are then
recognized as 3d.

With these limitations, we believe this will be useful. We would like to
check with members of this list, if they think it'll be useful?

We'll most appreciate any feedback on this.
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