[Minutes] Web and TV IG call, 1 October 2014

Hello all,

Thank you for your time earlier. The minutes from today's call are here:

and pasted in full below.

Reminder: No call in two weeks time - next meeting will be at TPAC
(Monday 27 October).

With regards,
Daniel Davis



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                Web and TV Interest Group Teleconference

01 Oct 2014

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          Bin, Glenndeen, Daniel, Kaz, Giri, Yosuke, Glenn_Eguchi,
          Mark_Vickers, Simon




     * [3]Topics
         1. [4]TPAC agenda discussion
         2. [5]Next call
         3. [6]Any other business
     * [7]Summary of Action Items

   <trackbot> Date: 01 October 2014

   <geguchi> no

TPAC agenda discussion

   <kaz> GGIE session will be held in the afternoon

   <kaz> yosuke will update the wiki



   <scribe> scribenick: ddavis

   <scribe> scribe: Daniel

   Yosuke: Let's check the updates to the agenda
   ... 1st session, Welcome, Logistics, IG Introduction
   ... 2nd session, Agenda Bashing
   ... 3rd session, Updates from SDOs: Aligning Global and
   Regional Web&TV Standards
   ... 4th session, Joint Sessions with Other Groups 1
   ... 5th session, New Contributions from IG members
   ... 6th session, HTML Media Extensions: MSE, EME, and In-band
   Media Resoruces
   ... 7th session, The Second Round Usecases
   ... 8th session, Wrap-up & Next Steps
   ... Any comments/questions?

   Glenndeen: I saw that item 3 had one hour originally but now
   only 30 minutes.

   Yosuke: Yes, we currently only have one item for this so we
   reduced it.

   Gleen_Deen: There might be a lot of discussion so I think it'd
   be better to have one hour.

   mark_vickers: I think the original request was for one hour.
   ... I think the SDO session could be less than 90 minutes.
   ... They probably won't have long presentations and
   introductions, just updates.

   yosuke: We'll have an introduction from TTA about the Korean
   ... But maybe 90 minutes is too long so we can make that
   shorter and if we need more time, extend the session into
   morning break.
   ... I.e. if people have further comments they can speak to TTA
   during the break.
   ... We could perhaps move the talk from SMPTE to session 7
   ... So that means we can make session 3 one hour.

   mark_vickers: I'm also not sure whether session 6 will need one

   yosuke: We can extend session 5 to one hour.

   Glenndeen: I was going to suggest the Open Binding discussion
   is a good introduction to what GGIE will cover.
   ... The SMPTE could be followed by GGIE followed by use cases.

   gmandyam: When you say proposal for EME and therefore all video
   to go over HTTPS, that's a bit misleading.
   ... That's been discussed in the getUserMedia group but hasn't
   been accepted yet, so WebRTC will not necessarily be tied to
   secure origin either.
   ... I don't know if I'll be there for that discussion but we
   should be very precise about what it involves.
   ... As for the SMPTE/fingerprinting discussion, we should be
   careful. My understanding with SMPTE is that it's under the
   hood as far as the UA is concerned.

   Glenndeen: I can take a look at that.

   mark_vickers: I agree - the items on the potential topics were
   just copied and pasted from emails so I'd rather we just have a
   topic such as "update on HTML5 EME, MSE and in-band resource
   ... I don't know if we need all the sub-topics in the agenda.

   yosuke: OK, I've updated the wiki page again.
   ... I made the GGIE session to one hour and but the SMPTE
   updates to the beginning of the GGIE session.
   ... And put updates from DIAL in to the second screen session.

   <mark_vickers> I don't think the agenda updates were saved yet

   yosuke: That makes the SDO session from 90 minutes to 60
   ... We can also use part of the morning break if necessary.

   <Glenndeen> I see it

   ddavis: We could add keywords as reminders, e.g. dataCue, MSE,
   HTTPS, in-band media tracks

   geguchi: Can we add "seamless ad splicing" as one of the

   <mark_vickers> +1

   <gmandyam> Keywords look fine to me- thanks.

   yosuke: I'll add it.
   ... Any other comments/ideas to improve the agenda?

   mark_vickers: I think we should call it a tentative agenda as
   we'll be doing agenda bashing.

   yosuke: OK

   <mark_vickers> I'm sure Giuseppe will have useful comments on
   the agenda later.

   yosuke: I think this is a good agenda and we can update it on
   the day.

Next call

   I think we don't need to hold a TV IG call before TPAC.
   ... Unless we see any items or issue we need to discuss.
   Otherwise discussions on the mailing list should be fine.

Any other business

   yosuke: Anything else for today's call?

   <mark_vickers> I look forward to seeing you all at TPAC!

   yosuke: Thank you for your active participation. I think we
   have an attractive agenda.
   ... Thanks for attending - the meeting is adjourned.

Summary of Action Items

   [End of minutes]

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