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[apis] Gap Analysis on Requirement 9 "Context-based and targeted Service Aggregation"

From: Sung Hei Kim <shkim@etri.re.kr>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 09:02:41 +0000
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CC: 강신각 <sgkang@etri.re.kr>, 허미영 <myhuh@etri.re.kr>
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Dear All,

We have briefly survey some related standards for Requirement 9 "Context-based and targeted Service Aggregation".

Since we are not expert on the related standards, I cannot say we have analyzed it throughly.

However, I think it would be useful to start discussion on this requirement.


1. Requirement : 9. Context-based and targeted Service Aggregation

2. Related Specs:

   - Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (ETSI TS 102 796 V1.2.1(2012-11))

3. Identified Gaps:

   - Regarding channel-bounded application, ETSI standard has defined boradcast-related autostart application which similar to channel-bounded application.

    . note: broadcast-related autostart application: broadcast-related application intended to be offered to the end user immediately after changing to the channel or after it is newly signalled on the current channel
  - They have used the AIT data from broadcast interface, and launches related application along with the broadcast stream.


  - ETSI standard has defined detailed descriptions regarding this application, and it can be used as a reference for this requirement.



Hyun Wook & Sung Hei Kim

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