[testing] draft of liaison letter [ISSUE-65]

Here's the updated liaison letter with the suggested changes from our discussion. Let me know if I've missed anything. I have a couple more questions as well.

  *   Should we provide a fax number in case somebody wants to print this out and just fill it in with a pen?
  *   Should we provide an HTML form and a link so it can be filled out on line and logged/aggregated automatically?
  *   I just pasted the HTML table in the message, but it was suggested to create a Word document.
  *   What is the best combination of these response methods to make it easy for the respondents and make it easy for us (although with only a dozen likely respondents we don't have to get too fancy).


[contact] at [organization],

The Web & TV Testing task force of the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) is developing testing requirements for HTML5 (and other related W3C specifications), the Web, and television applications. We are seeking input from organizations working in this area to help us prioritize our HTML5 testing requirements.

If you are a member of W3C, your direct participation in the group would be appreciated. Otherwise, you can send email to: public-web-and-tv@w3.org<mailto:public-web-and-tv@w3c.org>. Please include [testing] at the beginning of the subject line. Feel free to add specifications you feel should be included in the table. Individual replies will be kept confidential unless explicit permission is given to make them public. Aggregated anonymous results will be made public.

Please use the following values under the "Reference" column:

  *   P = The indicated specification is already referenced in one of your published specifications.
  *   F = The indicated specification will be referenced in one of your future published specifications.
  *   N (or blank) = You have no official plans to reference the indicated specification.

Please use the following values under the "Testing" column:

  *   M = Testing of the indicated specification is mandatory.
  *   O = Testing of the indicated specification is optional.
  *   N (or blank) = Not used

We also encourage you to edit or add to our use cases here (http://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/Testing/Web_%26_TV_Testing_Discussions).

We wish to establish a liaison communication relationship with your organization, particularly with those groups within your organization that may be working on specifications that reference W3C specifications in general, and the HTML5 specification in particular. We welcome an appointed member from your organization to serve as a formal liaison between our organizations. At this time, we have appointed [INSERT NAME] to be our liaison to your organization.

Clarke Stevens
W3C Web & TV Testing Task Force

Feature Coverage Table
Group   Category        CoreMob Reference       Testing
HTML5   Canvas 2D Content       M
        HTML5   M
CSS     CSS 2.1 M
        CSS Animations  M
        CSS Backgrounds and Borders     M
        CSS Color Level 3       M
        CSS Fonts Level 3       M
        CSS Transforms  M
        CSS Transitions M
        CSS Object Model        M
        CSSOM View Model        M
        CSS3 Basic User Interface Model
        CSS Device Adaptation   M
        CSS Flexible Box Layout M
        CSS Image Values and Replaced Content   M
        CSS Media Queries       M
        CSS Selectors Level 3   M
        CSS Text Level 3        M
        CSS Values and Units Module Level 3     M
        CSS Multi-Column Layout
        CSS Namespaces
        CSS Writing Modes
Web APIs        CORS    M
        DOM 3 Events    M
        DOM 4   M
        Progress Events M
        Web Storage     M
        Web Workers     M
        XMLHttpRequest  M
        Server-sent Events
        Device Orientation Event        M
        File API        M
        Geolocatoin API M
        Indexed Database API    M
        Quota Management API    M
        Timing control for script-based animations API  M
        Touch Events v1 M
        Web Messaging API       M
Other W3C       SVG 1.1 2nd Ed. M
        Coverage is quite good. M
        WOFF File Format 1.0    M
        HTML Media Capture      M
Non W3C HTTP 1.1        M
        Web Origin Concept      M
        ECMAScript 5.1  M
        WebGL (Canvas 3D)
        Open Font format
        data URL scheme M
        mailto URL scheme       M
        tel URI M
        sms URI M
        mmsto URI       M

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