RE: [testing] initial results from testing priorities survey

Giuseppe, Clarke, and all,

Thanks for collecting and putting those information together.

The internal survey and external survey use different metrics, i.e.:
- Internal: priorities
- External: reference status / mandatory v.s. optional / timing

If we want to aggregate those results into a single column, e.g. priority level (1-5), I propose the mapping as follows:

- Internal:

OK: 1
(OK): 3
NO: 5

- External:

P/M/Now: 1
P/O/Now: 2
F/M/*:  3
F/O/*:  4
P/N:  5
F/N:  5
N/*:  5

We can first map the individual results to the scale 1-5, and then calculate the scores for each spec (i.e. the highest votes) to conclude its final priority level. 

Feel free to suggest other methods for mapping the result and calculating the score.


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Subject: [testing] initial results from testing priorities survey

Clarke, all
I've started to copy the results from the responses received on the MEMBER  
ONLY wiki

FYI, I added the link above also to the testing section of the public wiki

Also, I've closed the internal doodle poll, and the result are now  
available on the MEMBER ONLY wiki

What remains to be done:

1. wait for a couple of groups that have promised a reply soon
2. copy those result on the MEMBER wiki, once received
3. aggregate the internal member results, add a column in the table for  
4. define how we want to aggregate all the result in order to provide a  
single "TV" column for the W3C testing group to consider. In particular  
decide which kind of metric to use, as we have, for each spec, a variety  
of values we can consider:

- how many group already reference it
- how many group consider testing of it mandatory
- how many groups plan to reference it in future
- when testing would be needed
- how it scored in the member survey

What we could do is to define a priority level (e.g. 1-5). If we do that,  
we need to define how we map the info above on a given priority level.


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