Re: [tt] Updated draft input to the proposed revision of Timed Text WG charter

I still don't quite follow.

We've come up with a set of requirements that are all good and fine
and that are also underlying principles of how the the new charter was

We're in a situation where a charter has been proposed - not in one
where we need to provide input on how to write one and what strategies
it should follow.

Fortunately, our set of requirements and the proposed charter are in
agreement and one of the (3) "possible viable strategies" that we've
come up with is indeed the one that the new TTWG charter is following.

What is our intention with sending this document to the TTWG? What do
we expect them to do with it, other than say "that's nice and we agree
and we've already done what you're proposing" and then move on?


On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 2:44 AM, Vickers, Mark
<> wrote:
> I  agree with Mike that his phrasing correctly reflects that these are a list of possible viable strategies, not a list of requirements.
> Perhaps the real "requirement" for the Charter is that the TTML group, including both spec efforts, adopts some version of the overriding goal in item (2) to "maximize the consistency between the authored Timed Text and the rendered Timed Text".
> The item (3) "possible viable strategies" are then in the context of this agreed goal. If the goal can be met by a strategy outside of the suggested ones, that's also fine.
> Thanks,
> mav
> On Jun 4, 2013, at 9:26 AM, Michael Dolan <>
>  wrote:
>> Pierre and all-
>> Sorry I was unable to join the call.  Regarding:
>>       The Web & TV IG recommends the following requirements for W3C Timed
>> Text efforts:
>> In discussions offline, I understand that the enumeration is more of a list
>> of possible viable strategies, not a list of requirements - all of which
>> must be met as is implied.  Meeting all of these "requirements" may not be
>> possible or necessary depending on the use cases and requirements that
>> emerge.  If my understanding is accurate, then I propose the above sentence
>> be changed to:
>>       The Web & TV IG recommends that the W3C Timed Text Working Group
>> investigate the following harmonization strategies:
>> Regards,
>>       Mike
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>> Good morning/evening,
>> Please find at [1] the output of our call earlier today -- thanks to Mark
>> Vickers for the live editing.
>> [1]
>> Please indicate your concerns/comments on this reflector or at the bottom of
>> the wiki page.
>> Unless significant concerns are raised, the text is intended to be made
>> available as consensus input of this group to the proposed revision of Timed
>> Text WG charter.
>> Best,
>> -- Pierre

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