RE: Review of DAP 'Network Service Discovery' specification and scheduling a joint call?

That sounds a good step moving forward.

While I am reading NSD spec, and observed some dynamics on the mailing list, I am wondering if DAP can provide some background reading such as:
- history of how it was originated
- original motivaton it intends to cover, e.g. home environment? Broader scope?
- current feature list, and what's not covered yet? (e.g. discovery is covered, but announcement is not, etc.)
- any plan of new features on the roadmap? E.g. announcement?

Those information will help us understand the NSD spec in a deeper way with a high level view of how it fits the overall system.

Thank you.


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thanks for letting us know about this update. We will discuss this and
let you know when would be better to discuss this, but a joint call
sounds good to me. We will discuss your proposed slots. BTW our
current slots are on 9-10 ET, so there is no overlap with your time.

we have received a request from the DAP WG to review their Network
Service Discovery specification.

I think we could carry on this work in the APIs TF, as part of the
gap analysis work, since that spec may cover some of the use cases and
requirements we are discussing there. If people agree, let's put it on
the agenda for the next call and we can discus how to organize the

For those of you that are new to the IG, it may be interesting to know
that the IG worked on home network requirements 2 years ago, and
generated an IG note that was presented to the DAP WG and used as
input for the NSD work. The req. document is here:

With this email the DAP WG is asking us a review of the spec to see if
it addresses the original requirements.


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Subject: Review of DAP 'Network Service Discovery' specification and
scheduling a joint call?

The W3C  Device APIs (DAP) working group [1] is working on a
specification that may be of interest and relevant to the Web and TV
Interest Group [2].

This specification is the "Network Service Discovery API' - the editor
draft is located at

>From the abstract:

This specification defines a mechanism for an HTML document to
discover and subsequently communicate with HTTP-based services
advertised via common discovery protocols within the current network.

The editors draft is currently under revision and we expect to publish
an updated working draft (WD) in a few weeks, probably by the 12 Sept.

I would suggest we wait until there is an updated draft for you to
review and then consider scheduling  a joint teleconference after
you've had a chance to look at it,  if this is of interest and useful.

Our group currently meets Wed 10-11 ET and is considering moving our
meeting to Thursdays, but I notice your reserved meeting time overlaps
with our current schedule time (and might also make Tue possible).
Thus I think a meeting on Tue/Wed or Thu at 10am ET might work, and
perhaps one of  24/25/26 Sept or 1/2/3 Oct at 10am ET might be
possible.    We can set up a poll if that makes this easier but I
thought we might find a slot that overlaps our current meeting times.

Please let me know what you think.


Frederick Hirsch, Nokia
Chair, W3C DAP Working Group



For tracker, this should complete ACTION-646

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