F2F Agenda: update

Hi all,
based on the input I've received so far (offline), I've done a tentative  
allocation of topic/presenters for our F2F.

(9.30-10.30) Testing
* Testing requirements originating TV community - Mark Vickers (Comcast)
* W3C testing work: Overview and how to integrate TV community  
requirements - Philip Hoscha (W3C)
(10.30-11 break)
(11-11.30) API to access low level functionality on TV devices
* TV Channel API - Geunhyung Kim (member of mobile web forum in Korea)
(11.30-12.00) Relationship between MPEG MMT-CI and HTML5
* Youngsun Ryu (Samsung) on behalf of MPEG.
(12-14 lunch)
(14.00-14.30) Exposing Broadcast metadata to the Web
* synchronisation, hybrid services, query, control - Olivier Thereaux, BBC
(14.30-15) TV Profiling
* Olivier (BBC), Giuseppe
(15.00–15.30) HNTF followup
* Jean-Claude Dufourd, Telecom Paris Tech
(15.30-16 break)
(16-17) Joint with Broadcasters BG
* Various topics, Yosuke

Giuseppe Pascale
TV & Connected Devices
Opera Software

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