Re: [Bug 12399] <video> add bytesReceived, downloadTime, and networkWaitTime metrics

On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 4:30 AM, Arvind Jain <> wrote:
> Thank Mark.
> It certainly makes sense to include performance of media elements into the
> Timing specifications. ResourceTiming will shortly be in CR so it's best to
> put together a new spec for this use case. We could either do this in
> ResourceTiming2 spec (no work has started on that front yet) or have a
> MediaResourceTiming specification (probably better option).

Please note that the idea was to have some of the statistics NOT be
media resource specific. In particular:

* bytesReceived
* downloadTime, and
* networkWaitTime

are relevant to all resources that a Web page may embed. Thus, this
fits better with the general ResourceTiming2 spec.

What is relevant to only media is the DroppedFrames statistic and it
may make more sense to have that in the media element itself, if it is
the only metric that we're after for the video element.


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