[profile] Collecting usecases for the Media Profile & filing issues

Hi all,
we just got a bugzilla account for the media profile


Please use it to file any issue you may find with the latest draft [1].
We will use the list of issues as agenda for calls & meetings.

I would also like to start collecting in bugzilla use cases that we want  
to see addressed by the Media Profile.
Some examples I had in mind are:

- how to use the <video> element to bind to a broadcast or IPTV channel?
- how to use the <video> element to playback a DASH stream? (point to the  
- how to expose metadata coming from an inband content
- how to handle parental control?

Please report in Bugzilla the use cases you think are to be addressed  
using the following template:

(copied also here for convenience)
high level description/overview of the use case
If needed, diagrams, pictures or code snippets can be used to better  
describe the use case.

Explanation of benefit to ecosystem and why is relevant for this profile.

How would you categorize this issue?:
1. gap in existing specifications (=> IG to draft a proposal for an  
existing WG)
2. require new specification/WG (=> IG to draft a proposal for W3C  
3. can be addressed as a requirement in the profile (=> proponent to draft  
some text to be included in the document)

other use cases, proposals or ongoing standardization activities which  
this use case is dependant on or related to.
If you are aware of any existing work (also in other organizations)  
covering a similar use case, you can mention it here.

If the use case fall into category #3 above, write here your proposal

Giuseppe Pascale
TV & Connected Devices
Opera Software

Received on Wednesday, 21 March 2012 09:29:23 UTC