[MEDIA_PIPELINE_TF] Meeting Announcement

Here's the proposed agenda for the MPTF meeting:

Note: Mark Watson is scheduled to scribe (However, since Mark is a co-author on both proposals being discussed, I would suggest we have a different scribe. Jan Lindquist is the 1st backup.)


Here's the meeting information (also listed below):


ALSO: Please note that the meeting will be relative to US time (which has already moved to Daylight Savings Time, while Europe has not changed yet).


Call information:

* Schedule: weekly, Thursdays, 16:00Z (=8:00 Pacific, 11:00 Eastern, 17:00
Europe, 25:00 Korea/Japan)
* Phone: US: +1 617 761 6200 or SIP: zakim@voip.w3.org<mailto:zakim@voip.w3.org>
* Conference Code: 93288 ("webtv")
* IRC channel: #webtv

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