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> Hi Giuseppe,
> I would like to participate in this discussion. My perspectives of this  
> work are as follows;
> 1) A strict meaning/definition of "meta-profiling" will be needed.
> In my understanding, you want to define some form of parameterized  
> profile-set for reuse by other organization and better interoperability,  
> etc.. If my understanding is correct, it is useful for many people to  
> use HTML-5 on TV device or other CE devices that is similar  
> characteristics to TV.
yes, not only HTML5 but also other web technologies.
As someone as pointed out in the past, this is something w3c hasn't really  
done before, but I believe that doing this in W3C will give us the chance  
to get the document reviewed by the right audience improving the quality  
of the final result.

> 2) Goal (specification document form, etc.) of this work
> You said in previous mail thread, this will happen to make guideline  
> document for construct their own specification that is used HTML-5.
I'll start to work on a draft so it will be easier to understand and agree  
on the goal of this document.

> 3) Identify insufficient functionality?
> I'm not sure this is needed for this work, but several previous works  
> (OIPF/CEA) defined broadcasting resource access method like a remote  
> controller keyset or video resource control with player status model,  
> etc. This work identify to use such a definition when HTML-5 is applying?
I think we will also need to look into this, yes.


> Rgs,
> -- Yoshiharu
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>> > Hi,
>> >
>> > I am not opposed to the definition of a TV profile, but before  
>> starting
>> > the discussions, I also think we need to agree on the objectives.
>> Totally agree, that is why I started this discussion. Is important to
>> discuss on this list and have a common understanding before rushing into
>> specification.
>> > From a service provider point of view, the main driver of a W3C TV
>> > profile has to be interoperability accross a wide range of devices,  
>> and
>> > not compatibility with devices typically used in a specific ecosystem
>> > (that is in my opinion up to dedicated business fora to define these).
>> Agree, see other reply I sent where I talk of a meta-profile.
>> My proposal for this group is to work on a document that provides a  
>> guide
>> on how to integrate an html5 (end co.) based environment with the layer
>> right below it, to be able to support common use cases typical of TV
>> services.
>> I suspect that many groups are looking or will be looking into this. And
>> I
>> thought that making the common part together in this group will bring
>> several benefits:
>> - better interoperability
>> - save time by making the effort in one place and reusing it
>> - get involvement from the web community
>> The document (in my view) will still need to be "profiled" by business
>> fora to adapt it to their business models, with the advantage of having
>> already a pretty advanced starting point.
>> > Said differently, I am very interested in defining a W3C profile for  
>> TV
>> > services, ie identifying what would prevent a service provider from
>> > deploying the same TV web application on TVs, tablets, mobile phones  
>> and
>> > desktops, but I am not really interested in defining a W3C profile for
>> > TV devices, ie deciding on which subset of the specifications an
>> > implementation on a specific range of TV devices can be tagged as  
>> HTML5
>> > compliant (because this kind of profile increases fragmentation  
>> instead
>> > of reducing it).
>> >
>> Yes, this is what I'm proposing, not a focus on a single set-up but on  
>> the
>> overall architecture. Those points where a generic enough decision  
>> cannot
>> be made will have to be documented and the "variables" be identified so
>> that business groups can limit their work on defining the value of such
>> "variables"
>> As mentioned in some other places, I'm not sure the word profile is
>> appropriate for what I'm proposing. Would be probably better to talk  
>> about
>> "Guidelines" for integration of tv services in a browser based  
>> environment
>> (or something like this)
>> /g
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