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Hi Giuseppe and Claes

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> Hi Claes,
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>> FYI,
>> The Webinos EU research project has now made specifications publicly available:
>> For the DAP WG most relevant is the deliverable of API specifications,
>> Where possible Webinos just refers to an existing API specification with first preference W3C. In some cases the existing specification does not fulfill Webinos requirements so modifications have been specified. For other requirements completely new API specifications have been specified. Examples of new APIs are:
> [skip]
>> TV Control API
> As you may know, W3C have since April started a Web&TV IG.
> Since from what I can see these TV control APIs are at a very first stage,
> have you considered bringing your use cases and ideas to the Web&TV IG for
> feedbacks?
> If there are more people interested in this area (and I know there are,
> based on the discussion in the last IG F2F in Hollywood) could be a good
> chance to get the TV community to work together in this area.

MStar is definitely interested in joining such an effort. Following my presentation in the web & tv event I had various feedback of other companies/people whom are also interested.

It would be interesting to work on how we can minimise the API overhead:
- using declarative approach (e.g. for channel list)
- using ssdp like mechanism 
- using messaging or any other approach 


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