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webtv-ISSUE-52 (HNTF_REQUIREMENTS): [HOME_NETWORK_TF] HTNF Report - Requirements generation [HOME_NETWORK_TF]

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Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 00:09:32 +0000
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webtv-ISSUE-52 (HNTF_REQUIREMENTS): [HOME_NETWORK_TF] HTNF Report - Requirements generation [HOME_NETWORK_TF]


Raised by: Russell Berkoff

Samsung previouly submitted a bottom-up generation of requirements based on the submitted use-cases.

This seems to have "disappeared" during the editing of the report.

I feel showing all use-case derived (low-level) requirements under each high-level requirement will clarify what is expected for each high-level requirement.

I think the listing of use-cases under high-level requirement is misleading with out providing additional context.
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