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Hi Robert,

Thanks for your questions. I have some replies inline.

On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 7:30 AM, Robert Pearson <> wrote:
> H Silvia,
> Certainly, I think all if the required structures have been considered and
> in several cases, overall the accessibility of television will be enhanced
> with HTML 5 over standard TV with things like extended audio description and
> sign language tracks.
> Two questions come to mind.
> - Were there considerations for the protection and security of copyright
> media content when displayed using HTML 5?

Copyright of the media content was outside the scope of the
accessibility task force's work. But anyway: Copyright is a piece of
metadata information that is associated with a piece of content (in
our case: a resource). There are existing means of dealing with
metadata in HTML5, including metadata that is attached to the Web page
(through the <meta> tags in the header) and attached to elements
(through Microdata or RDFa). You can also include this metadata in the
header of the encoded video file. There is a WG that is looking at
exposing such metadata to the Web developer (see Media Annotations
WG). And finally it is possible to attach timed metadata to HTML5
audio and video elements through the <track> element which gets
exposed to JavaScript through the <track> element's API. What the Web
developer does with this information is outside the scope of HTML.

> - Quality Standards.  This may have been beyond the realm of consideration
> for the group, but while the structures are there, what standards would
> indicate the quality of the audio description or closed captioning and would
> they be different for TV on the web than for regular TV?  An example, how
> would 3d content be described or captioned for the web or other device if it
> was originally created to be viewed on a 3d TV screen?

This has not been considered. However, a quality indicator for a piece
of content is again metadata. So, you will be able to handle it as
described above. Again: the Web browser will not do anything with this
information other than expose it to the Web developer to do something
with it.



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