Re: Review of the HNTF requirement document

I've been very busy these days for work and private reasons so I couldn't  
go through your comments yet.

I didn't apply any change related to your package, so either someone else  
fixed it or I applied some old comments from you that was also included in  
your package. I'll go through your (and other people) comments one by one  
and address them or add them to a list of items to be discussed. I'll do  
my best (as I always did) do be transparent in which comments are applied  
and which not, and involve you in a discussion for those that are not  
immediately merged.

Best regards,


On Mon, 12 Sep 2011 00:56:33 +0200, Russell Berkoff  
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> Hello Giuseppe,
> Thank you for the updates to the HNTF requirements document.
> However, I'm a bit confused as to the status of the package of Samsung  
> 2011-09-05 edits previously submitted. I noticed that some comments were  
> adopted, some ignored, and some partially integrated.
> In other SDOs, comments are formally responded to by the editor, so a  
> determination can be made as to whether comments are accepted / rejected  
> / clarified or modified.
> I can use the Issue database to formally enter comments on the draft,  
> but I had hoped you could distill the pending Samsung comments down  
> somewhat more (or respond as to why a suggested change is not being  
> applied) prior to submitting issues on the draft.
> Thank you.
> Regards,
> Russell Berkoff
> Samsung
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> Subject: Review of the HNTF requirement document
> Hi all,
> the Home Network TF is finalizing the requirement document, for  
> discussion and approval at the IG F2F in Hollywood.
> Every IG member is welcome to provide comments on the document, that is  
> available at  
> You have different options to provide comments:
> 1. if the issue is a simple editorial (e.g. typo), you could fix it  
> yourself in the document or notify the issue to me privately or on this  
> list 2. if the issue is not editorial, you can open and issue in tracker  
> Make sure to:
> * set product to HOME_NETWORK_TF
> * add the tag [hntf-review] in the title (plus your title of choice)
> * clearly describe what is the issue
> * propose some text that would resolve the issue.
> Remember that tracker will send an email to this list so you (and  
> others) will be able to follow-up over email
> 3. if none of the above works for you, you can send an email to this  
> list.
> Please add a [hntf-review] tag in the subject. Use this option only if  
> you cannot use tracker (e.g. if you don't have writing access to it)
> All your comments will be discussed and resolved either before (if
> trivial) or during the IG F2F.
> Best regards,
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