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On 1/9/11 10:40 , Igarashi, Tatsuya wrote:
> Hi,
> As I commented in the last teleconference, I think that the
> requirement of Application Communications should be high priority.
JCD: I fully support this statement. Application-to-application
communication is as important as application-to-service communication.

> I believe that it is important for the Web echo system to take in
> account of Application Communication via home network as well as
> Service Communication. As nobody denies, the HTML5 in wide sense is
> not just a presentation language, but also a application platform. If
> the W3C standardizes a solution that an application discovers and
> communicates services running on other devices on the home network.
> The solution should also consider the case of the communication with
> applications running on other devices. I think the direct link
> communications via home network can leverage the web technologies and
> will create new types of application which mashes up Web and home
> networked devices.
> Actually I have a concern that only service discovery and service
> communication will be discussed at next step due to the priority.
> Since both use cases are similar, I suggest that WG will discuss a
> technical solutions by taking in count of both of requirements in the
> same priority. The approach will avoid the solutions will differ
> completely.
> I have realize that the a set of requirements should be high priority.
> #Application communication
> <>,#Application
> Discovery
> <>,
> #Services Advertisement
> <>,
JCD: I agree and support this request.
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> Any question and comment?
> Thank you.
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