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I didn't want to hijack the thread on HTML Media errors, so I'm starting a new one.  I spoke to our team that works on custom video players/experiences, and the provided me with a list of application level errors that might be returned from a content protection system:

Authentication - User Credentials
EXPIRED_CREDENTIALS  we know who you are, but we need you to login/reauthenticate
INVALID_CREDENTIALS - sorry, we don't know who you are or your credentials don't match

Device Issues
DEVICE_UNAUTHORIZED (not paired, or added to user's account)
DEVICE_NOT_CAPABALE  device is not able to play this type of secured media
DEVICE_NOT_ALLOWED  the Business or security solution does not allow this type of device to play the content (generally not a fan of this, but there are times when 'tablet' might be allowed, but 'set-top box' isn't)

Authorization  Entitlement
NOT_ENTITLED - (Unauthorized to play this content, user hasn't purchased, or been granted rights to it)
ENTITLEMENT_EXPIRED -  (Content is no longer available to user  due to rental expiration, refund, or release windowing rules)

Playback Controls
ACTION_NOT_ALLOWED  if there is embedded instream content (ads, trailers, etc) that the user should not be allowed to skip through, this would be helpful.

License or Security Service Related
SECURITY_SERVICE_UNREACHABLE  if a license, HLS Key, etc is not able to be downloaded when required
CONTENT_PROCESSING_ERROR  we got a license or key, but the files didn't work. The player couldn't decrypt the media files.
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