webtv-ISSUE-19 (MattH): Media Identification [HOME_NETWORK_TF]

webtv-ISSUE-19 (MattH): Media Identification [HOME_NETWORK_TF]


Raised by: Matt Hammond

Scenario: A web application, when browsed using a companion device, presents more information about the programme the user is currently viewing on their television. Documents with content about a specific programme or series can detect if the user's television can access that programme through an on-demand service or a recording. If it can, the web page can offer to ask the television to play that programme. The web page can also offer to schedule a recording on your TV.

The application can query the television to obtain a globally unique identifier (eg. URI/URL) representing the current programme content being presented.

An application need not necessarily be able to resolve all identifiers for all programmes on all television platforms. But it should be able to distinguish identifiers it can handle from those it cannot.

The application can query basic electronic programme guide data provided by the television to establish if the programme is available through broadcast or on-demand services

Received on Tuesday, 31 May 2011 13:20:14 UTC