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>>> For a Web standard we can't really assume the devices are on
>>> the same LAN; I think this will be our biggest headaches.
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> I think that is an especially important point.
> In thinking about use cases in which service providers (E.g. Cable MSOs,
> broadcasters) would want to participate, it's easy to imagine a HN UA
> wanting to use non-HN communication to perform control functions on e.g.  
> a
> cable set-top box.
> Then there are cases like mobile devices that may roam between HN WiFi  
> and
> carrier 3G/4G networks. In this context, imo, applications should be able
> to continue to operate despite changes to network topography.
As I see it, if you start to relax the constraint of home network you get  
an increasing number of security issues.
But being able to access the Home Network content from "outside" the home  
network is of course a valid usecases;
but maybe it make sense to threat is a separate one that could require  
additional security constraint around it.

> In general, it hasn't been clear to me (as a newcomer to the TF) who/what
> is responsible for building/hosting the HTML/other user interfaces for  
> the
> various UAs under discussion.
> For example, if I want to browse for services on my HN using a UA on my
> mobile phone, does the discovery protocol point my device's browser to a
> HN device that is hosting a particular HTML implementation of a service
> user interface?
I think the discussion so far has been on a different level.
We didn't ask ourselves who is hosting the application but more how to  
enable those applications (possibly running on different UAs/devices) to:

* discover each other
* communicate (exchange messages,expose services)

In addition to this, another scenario is how to enable an application to  
discover and talk to a "device" exposing a service.


> Please feel free to point me in a different direction if this is way off
> base.
> Dave

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