RE: New Task Force Proposal in W3C Web & TV IG (Media Pipeline Task Force)

Hello Clarke,

It is in line with the use case that I brought to the HNTF, Video tag support of MPEG2-TS (Issue-18).

Appreciate setting the TF and am looking forward to submit (or resubmit) the use case to this TF. I am interested to participate.

My only comment in the scope was what was touched during e-mail exchange surrounding Issue-18, the ability of extend video tag. I would like the TF to be open for taking examples and be able to be open for API guidelines as to how API extensions can be achieved. Examples for the purpose of discussion may include content protection. The TF does not need to directly cover the area but the API changes have to be considered. It would be of great value to allow for such discussions.

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Subject: New Task Force Proposal in W3C Web & TV IG (Media Pipeline Task Force)

CableLabs would like to propose a new W3CWeb and TV task force - the Media Pipeline Task Force (MPTF). Here is a link to the task force proposal 

Please take a look at the proposal and provide comments. Also, please indicate if you are interested in participating.

We suggest discussing this for a week, then making a decision.

Bob Lund and Clarke Stevens

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