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Hello Russell,

It is a good suggestion to broaden the use case. I agree with the suggestion to add a requirement for a well architectured extension mechanism to be in place. There will be states, events and control of a video stream not defined by HTML5 which cannot really be standardized in W3C since they represent difference ecosystems. W3C will cover the most generic view.

Did I correctly describe the requirement so I can add a new requirement to the use case?


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I would be concerned if the HTML5 <video> tag lacked a mechanism to allow application specific extension methods sets to be identified. This would be separate from "codec" considerations.

I (personally) am not convinced a one-size-fits-all HTML5 serves the interests of various ecosystems planning to use HTML5. A well architected extension mechanism would address these concerns. I think this is a necessity for HTML5 to avoid the fragmentation that has occurred in the past due to incomplete standardization in HTML.

I would suggest the existing use case be broadened in this way.

Russell Berkoff

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