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On 3/6/11 17:14 , Giuseppe Pascale wrote:
> ** Service Distribution (ISSUE-8)
> This looks fine to me, even though as you say the only additional 
> requirement of the use case (compared to the others) is to be able to 
> push services rather then discover services.
> Probably good to extend with few more words the "Need/justification:" 
> section of the template
JCD: I have added this text:

As there are more devices in the home, some generic and some 
task-specific, and with varying capabilities (including different UI 
methods), there is a growing need to spread an application across 
different devices to achieve service distribution. But the service 
usually "enters" the home network through one particular device. The 
service running entirely on the initial device, as part of other use 
cases, can discover its environment and determine that other devices 
could meaningfully contribute to the quality of experience. From then 
on, the service needs to send part of "itself" to other devices. Hence 
this use case.

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