Re: [HOME_NETWORK_TF] Some comments on the open issues [ISSUE-4 only]

On 3/6/11 17:14 , Giuseppe Pascale wrote:
> ** Service User Interface (ISSUE-4)
> As we have discussed few times, this could overlap with ISSUE-17 
> (UPnP) if that use cases is rephrased, but it could also be a superset 
> of it.
> We can either approve it as is and later decide to drop it if the 
> outcome of ISSUE-17 is generic enough to cover this or we can wait 
> with this until ISSUE-17 is solved.
> @JC, Russel, any opinion on this?
JCD: I believe ISSUE-4 is very basic and completely independant of the 
choice of a discovery and service protocol.
As such, I recommend to approve it and integrate it in the requirements.
It is "mandatory".
I mean: who does not want the HNTF user agent to be able to provide 
interfaces to discoverable services ?
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