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Noticed I missed answering one other question you raised.

As to the relation to OIPF I have a reference in the use case since you are correct there is a solution based on a embedded video object (video/broadcast and video/mpeg). The work in W3C HTML5 video tag has to be considered in a longer term perspective. OIPF (and HbbTV) provides a standard today but as browsers move to HTML5 compliance it is fundamental to ensure that it can be used with MPEG2-TS. The use case tries to highlight some of fundamental control to ensure that it can be used.

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I have the same questions now as before you published that page, namely:
I am not sure I understand your request here, Jan.
If you mean MPEG-2 TS in broadcast, the issue is with standards like OIPF and HbbTV (video/broadcast object), or in HTML5 directly maybe.
If you mean MPEG-2 TS in broadband, the issue is probably with 3GPP AHS or MPEG DASH.
How is it a problem for the Home Network Task Force ?
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On 30/5/11 11:28 , Jan Lindquist wrote:

I have submitted a new use case for consideration by HNTF called "Video tag support of MPEG2-TS (issue-18) .

The support of MPEG2-Transport Stream is fundamental to viewing content in the home (ex. TV). Applications require an API to have control and access of MPEG2-TS components.

This use case puts explicit requirements of what the the application may requires support from the video tag (HTML5). While video tag support many of the indicated implementation requirements not all are supported. This use case may not explicitly indicate the missing portions but highlights the full set of implementation requirements.

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