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Hi Giuseppe and group,

Giuseppe, thanks a lot for forwarding this info on the launch of the
W3C Web Testing Activity.

I just wanted to add some background information on this proposed new
Web Testing Activity.

- As the proposed Activity Proposal [1] and Charters [2, 3] say, both
   the proposed activity and the groups are public.

- The scope of the proposed Web Testing Interest Group [2] includes
   not only Web browsers but also Web authoring tools, evaluation tools
   and media players.

I think those two points are part of the reasons why Giuseppe
forwarded this draft proposal, which is now under review of the W3C
Members, to our Web and TV Interesting Group and ask you all for
participation :)




On 07/28/2011 01:14 AM, Giuseppe Pascale wrote:
> Dear all,
> as you can see from the FWDed message below, W3C is planning to start an
> activity around testing. We have discussed the importance of testing in several occasions, so I thought it was good to inform all the IG participants about this initiative.
> At the moment the activity is under review of W3C Members.
> Once it get started we could (if there is enough interest in this group) provide input to the new groups from a Web & TV perspective.
> For example I personally think would be interesting to collect feedback from companies and other groups (outside W3C) about testing of web technologies in their products/specifications, to know what are the currently followed approaches, which kind of problems or limitations have been found and any suggestion in order to make the work done from the W3C useful for different scenarios.
> Regards,
> /g
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> Subject: Upcoming Testing activity at W3C
> Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 23:16:25 +0200
> Hi participants of the Web and TV IG,
> [...]
> Testing was one of the topics discussed during the Berlin Web and TV
> workshop. As you may know, W3C has been testing technologies in various
> Working Groups, each working group following its own methods for building
> a test suite that can serve to assess whether the entrance criteria to
> publish a specification as a final W3C (Proposed) Recommendation are met.
> There have successful efforts to coordinate testing efforts in the past,
> e.g. in the Mobile Web Test Suites Working Group, but Working Groups have
> hardly been coordinating on testing up until now.
> This leads to a situation where:
> - test suites use different formats and reporting methods, making it hard
> to test support of different specifications in a consistent way for a
> given user agent
> - test suites run in specific environments and can hardly be re-used
> elsewhere (e.g. to test mobile or TV devices).
> - test cases cannot be easily extracted to match other organization needs,
> for instance for certification purpose.
> The Web Testing Activity is meant to address these shortcomins.
> [...]
> The goal is to create:
> 1. a Web Testing Interest Group to develop and deploy testing mechanisms
> and collateral materials for testing of Web technologies. Draft charter
> available at:
> 2. a Browser Testing and Tools Working Group to standardize a Web Driver
> API (to allow automated simulation of user actions, such as clicking
> links, entering text, and submitting forms) and a Console API (to allow
> Web developers to programatically write messages and data to a
> developer-tools console component). Draft charter available at:
> I believe the scope of the Interest Group would cover some of the needs
> expressed by participants of the Berlin Web and TV workshop, so I'd like
> to encourage Web and TV IG participants to review and consider joining
> this activity once created to ensure that potential TV specific needs get
> taken into account by the Web Testing IG (e.g. to ensure that a test
> runner compatible with TV sets gets developed).
> Thanks,
> Francois.

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