Re: [MEDIA_PIPELINE_TF] Adaptive Bit Rate Architectur

Yeah, I realized this after I did it. My apologies for any confusion it caused.

I've just done a bunch of editing, and made further use of the [initials] notation as well as text strikethrough.

I'm done with my edits for now, having added Silverlight information, as well as re-organizing the use cases, and  replacing the parameters with new ones to reflect the content of our discussions.

I think the startingPlaybackHint parameter could use a javascript "enum" like the following as its input, though ultimately it's just a primitive value being passed to the parameter. I prefer the use of an enum-like structure just for clarity.

AdaptiveHint = {
OptimizeForFastStart : 0,
OptimizeForHighQuality : 1

Please edit as needed.

Mark, can you offer comment on the proposed "bytes/second" unit of measure for bandwidth?



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Subject: Re: [MEDIA_PIPELINE_TF] Adaptive Bit Rate Architectur

Btw, as a procedural thing, I'm not sure how we should be using the wiki.

David responded to my comments by making changes to the original text, so now my comments don't make any sense to a new reader (because the original, commented on, text is gone). This is not good for people wanting to follow the discussion.

Either we should use the "talk" page, or responses/counter-proposals should be inline under the comments they are in response to.


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