[MEDIA_PIPELINE_TF] OIPF content protection API support including errors


As part of my action point here is a general overview of the content protection API's defined in OIPF.

1. Architecture
For an overview of the OIPF architecture refer to this document. The information relating to content protection is in section 6.14. The language used is agnostic of the DRM system being used. There are some basic sequences.


2. Content Protection
The interworking in a more detailed level of content protection is found the following document. While the sequence are very tied to usage of Marlin it is possible to reuse them with other DRM systems.


3. Javascript API (DAE)
For details on the javascript API they are defined in DAE specification. There are 3 main areas for content protection
A. Section 7.6 (Content Service Protection API)
        Gives an API to ensure there is a DRM system in place and is ready.
B. Section 7.13.6 (Scheduled Content DRM rights errors)
        Gives an API for the different events that take place, not only when failed but also when granted access.
C. Section 7.14.6 (Media Playback DRM rights errors)
        Pretty much identical to (B).


If there are any questions feel free to ask.

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