Re: [HOME_NETWORK_TF] Terminology section of the requirements document

I think it would be worthwhile to define it since the idea of a home
network is a concept that has not been relevant in HTML to this point. I
also think your definition is pretty good. We could also add something
along the lines of, "The home network can also be considered the local
area network (LAN) within the home."


On 8/29/11 4:29 PM, "Matt Hammond" <> wrote:

>I've just noticed that the terminology section includes "companion
>... which can be dropped since it no longer features in the requirements
>Would it also be worth adding a definition for "home network"? I
>appreciate this may be deceptively difficult to define in a way that we
>can all agree on; and perhaps that may be reason enough to exclude it and
>therefore deliberately keep it ambiguous. Here is an attempt though:
>"For the purposes of this document, the term "home network" refers to the
>networking infrastructure that facilitates Internet Protocol
>communications between devices within the home. This will typically (but
>not always) consist of a single IP subnet and will typically (but not
>always) be connected to the Internet."
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