[HOME_NETWORK_TF] Requirements on spec or on user agents?

Hi Giuseppe,

Short comments on requirements in the Use Cases and Requirements doc:

Design Goals  section
I don't think this section should contain any requirement. The "compatibility with widely deployed standards" section does, though. It should be moved to the Requirements section.

Requirements section
The "Conformance" section looks good and defines one class of product on which requirements should apply: "W3C Technical Reports". However, all requirements in the doc apply to "user agents", not to "specs". Looking at requirements, that's no big deal because most of them start with something like "User agents should provide a means for applications to [...]". This can easily be updated to something like "A conforming specification should define a means to [...]".

I think we should do that, it's a good way to ensure that the requirements can be assessed against a specification easily, and remain actionable.

On top of the rephrasing suggested above, a couple of requirements would need to be adapted as they currently really apply to user agents, but I don't see anything blocking:

- Accurate time-synchronization
- Content protection
- Access to home network services
- Prevent leaking of Information


Received on Tuesday, 16 August 2011 13:54:45 UTC