[Home_Network_TF] Action-66: See if ISSUE-14 and ISSUE-30 can be merged



I was asked to explain the differences between:


ISSUE-14: Application Discovering a Service

ISSUE-30: Home Network Enabled User-Agent - Network Device Controller


I'd consider services being dealt with in ISSUE-14 as being "stateless".


For example: I can issue a general network request (no specific target)
to find  content items by title. Doing so has no direct effect on one or
more servers that could potentially respond to this service request.
There is no definitive target for the service in this example. 


In ISSUE-30 services are clearly act upon specific devices and the
services are likely to be "stateful".


For example: If a server is told to delete a content item, this would
cause a (potentially) irreversible change in the state of the target
device. In order for this model to make sense we need a clear notion of
the entity being acted upon by the service.


In addition services  in ISSUE-30 can have side-effects: 


For example: A service can tell a device to start reporting "events". As
an example, a service can ask media server to start reporting when new
content becomes available. Once this service completes the target server
behavior will change and it will start generating unsolicited events.
The expectation in ISSUE-14 is that once the service completes there
would be no post-service effects.


While I don't think it's impossible to merge the use-cases, however,  it
may be simpler to extract distinct requirements from each use-case



Russell Berkoff


Received on Tuesday, 16 August 2011 06:42:52 UTC