[HOME_NETWORK_TF] Requirements suggestions for issues 19,20,21,22 (U9, U10, U11, U12)

Hi all,

Here are some suggestions for requirements that derive from the use cases  
I originally proposed. I have attempted to focus on the desired outcomes,  
rather than the means (e.g. APIs). Is this the appropriate approach for  
this stage in the process?

U9 (ISSUE-19)

User agents should provide applications with a means to identify and  
thereby recognise a programme that may be available from devices or  
services on the home network, when such an identifier is available.

Such identifiers should be unique to a programme, but common across  
multiple instance of the same programme; and should be consistent across  
different services and devices in different home networks.

U10 (ISSUE-20)

User agents should enable applications to discover, identify and play back  
programmes available to be presented by devices or services within the  
home network, including programmes received from broadcast, in such a way  
that the application does not have to handle:
  * issues of codec, container format, or transport protocol compatibility
  * differences in the mechanisms by which content is delivered to the  
rendering device (e.g. received from broadcast vs streamed from a media  

U11 (ISSUE-21)

Users agents should provide applications with a means to co-time the  
presentation of their own content (audio, video or other) with the  
timeline of a programme being played back on another device, including  
programmes being received via broadcast.

User agents should provide applications with a means to be aware of the  
progress (time within the programme) of the playback of media content on a  
remote device/service, including programmes being received via broadcast

U12 (ISSUE-22)

User agents should support any protocols or optional protocol features  
that enable applications to be aware of the progress (time within the  
programme) of the playback of a programme on a remote device to within  
frame accuracy (1/25th or 1/30th second) or better.

User agents should support the ability to determine an estimate of the  
level of accuracy with which timing information about media playback on a  
remove device/service is conveyed to applications.


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